Custom Prep

Meal Size
With multiple, protein, carbs, and veggie options, you're able to build a more tailored meal to fit your set macros or custom meal plan. We provide fresh options, with a healthy variety to choose from, while letting us cater to your busy schedule and fitness goals!

We are not able to provide macros for your custom meal, being that the options for your meal are different. You may enter the info below into MyFitnessPal!

Portion Sizes:
SMALL: 4oz Protein | ½ cup Carbs | 3oz Veggies | + 1oz Sauce
LARGE: 6oz Protein | 1 cup Carbs | 3oz Veggies | + 1oz Sauce
XL: 8oz Protein | 1½ cup Carbs | 3oz Veggies | + 1oz Sauce

*All Build-A-Macro options are measured by cooked weight.